“When will you go on tour?”

Here’s some more of Dido’s answers to the questions you’ve been emailing to [email protected]

What was your inspiration behind Burnin’ Love? As soon as I heard it I could just see it on a show like Grey’s Anatomy. It’s just a beautiful song.
Ben, London.
Dido replies: I’m so glad you like it. It’s definitely one of my favourites. I wrote it with Citizen Cope and the chorus lyric is his lyric. It was the first song we wrote together. We just sat down and it came out in the most natural way possible. I loved working with him. I love his voice and I love that it’s not something I would have written on my own. We wrote it in New York but actually it’s my favourite song to listen to on the album as I drive around Hollywood in the late afternoon/early evening. It just feels right.

When you write a song, which room of the house do you write in? Or do ideas come to you spontaneously and you write there and then?
Dido replies: Good question. It made me think if there is a room I write more in. I have a room with a piano with skylights so I can see the sky and do a lot of recording and writing in there but I also seem to have written a huge amount of songs at the kitchen counter. Quiet Times was written at the kitchen table, Summer was recorded in the kitchen, Grafton Street at the kitchen counter. You know what, the more I think about it, they’re mostly written in the kitchen. 🙂 I also write a lot while I’m walking around London and then just either try and remember my ideas or put them into a Dictaphone or my mobile phone. I walk to most places in London and listen to my ipod and it gives me so many ideas and makes me love the way that music makes me feel, more every day.

I was wondering if and when you intended to go on tour next? Thanks in advance.
James from Telford
Dido replies: I think I’m going to do a proper tour after the next record. I’ve written and recorded so much recently and am just loving being in the studio and doing that at the moment. So I imagine another record will be released before the next tour. I’m really looking forward to touring when we do though. We had such an amazing time last time. Meeting so many people, playing in incredible outdoor venues in the summer. I felt so lucky every day. By the time I’ve finished all this recording I’ll be very excited to be out!