New Dido track on Sex And The City 2 soundtrack!

We’re very pleased to announce that a brand new Dido song, Everything To Lose, will feature in the upcoming movie, Sex And The City 2, which is released at the end of May 2010. The track will also be available on the film’s soundtrack album.

We gave Dido a shout to find out a bit more about the new song:

Did you write Everything To Lose specifically for the movie?
A rough demo of ‘everything to lose’ was on a cd I gave to someone with a few demos of songs from the new album. The people doing the film heard it and loved it and so we had to suddenly finish it up in a couple of days last week to get it into the film in time. It’s so exciting for me that people will be hearing it this quickly after I’ve done it and when it’s still so fresh for me.

When/where did you record it?
Rollo, Sister Bliss and I all did our bits at home. I recorded my parts in the kitchen. It’s a very easy and fun way to work and is how I’ve been making my new record so far. It challenges me more when I’ve only got myself to rely on when I’m recording on my own and I’ve been able to really go with my own instincts and experiment before anyone hears anything. I finished it off with my brother in the English countryside (hoping not too much bird and cow noise on there!).

Are you pleased with it?
I really am. It’s a song that puts us all in a good mood. It’s a true love song really, even though it’s talking about that fear you can get when you actually really love someone and have finally got something real to lose. I love the sound of it and I’ve been having so much fun with working with Rollo and Sister Bliss on this album so far. I’m enjoying getting back to my electronic roots so much. Very happy! Hope you all like it too.

Look out here on the official site over the next few days for details of the premiere of the new song.