More ‘Ask Dido’ questions answered

Hey folks. Here are some more of Dido’s answers to the questions which you’ve been sending to [email protected]

What one piece of advice would you give to brilliant newcomers like Duffy, Mika, Feist, Adele and many others?
Jorge Pagaza, Mexico.
Dido replies: They don’t need any advice from me! They’re all brilliant, self-assured, amazing, talented artists who I love listening to.

Your favourite place in the world?
Sam Milgate
Dido replies: The west coast of Ireland. In Conemara. And my bed.

I was wondering if you would consider releasing (and maybe re-recording) the songs from your demo such as Too Bad, Keep Your Faith In Me and especially one of my favorite songs Give Me Strength?
Dido replies: Probably not! I think these were songs that were early experiments that I then grew out of or wasn’t moved enough by them at that time in my life to sing them anymore. I loved the Over The Rhine version of Give Me Strength, though.