Latest Ask Dido answers

Here are some more of Dido’s responses to the questions you’ve been emailing to [email protected]

Dear Dido. I remember reading in interview you were sitting in you kitchen recording for your new album, Safe Trip Home, and you said you used a computer program. Did you use one particular one or a bundle of programs to make your music?
Dido replies: Just one – Logic 8. It’s brilliant.

Do you play/listen to classical music and does it have an influence on your music?
Alex, Greece
Dido replies: I do yes. I listen and play on the piano. I’m sure it has an influence on me melodically although hard to tell specifically how. It was so much part of my life it can’t have failed to have an influence and those wonderful melodies become embedded in my brain. I love being able to read and write music and really enjoying learning all over again about orchestration. One of my favourite things is to listen to a beautifully playing orchestra play a song I’ve written. It’s a truly great experience.

I have heard that you play drums now, was it not difficult to learn, I mean in the beginning?
Verner, Denmark
Dido replies: Not difficult to get to the hopeless stage I’m at, no! But yes, I imagine hard to become a great drummer. I am practising…

Dido. You can have any pudding/dessert in the world right now. What will you have?
Pete, Newcastle
Dido replies: A lemon tart/lemon bar made my friend Pete.