“Dido, are you happy?”

Hey folks. Dido’s just emailed through her latest batch of answers to the questions you’ve been emailing to [email protected] Look out for some more soon.

Q. Hello Dido. You’re a big football fan, right? I wonder if you also like to play football yourself, and if you do are you any good?
Greets Karin (Holland)
Dido replies: I used to play all the time and had a girls’ football team at school, but I hardly ever play now unless it’s with my nephews or my brother. When I was young I played football every day in the park with whoever was around. My brother used to let me play with his friends but then would tell me that I had to stand next to the goal and be a goal post (it’s an older brother thing) which was sort of boring and a bit painful sometimes… I definitely had dreams of playing for Arsenal when I was young, though.

Q. Hi, Dido. Upon listening to your new album I’ve noticed that almost every song is recorded in a minor key and the overall mood of the album is rather melancholic. The cover photos do not have a smile. Since those songs are more personal to you than ever, it is safe to assume that the reason for this mood is your life experience. So the question is: are you happy?
Dido replies: I suppose you’re right! I didn’t intend it to be that way but a lot of songs were definitely written at a more troubled time in my life. Losing dad and how that felt was also a huge influence and I can see that now I can take a step back from it. At the time I’m writing it is not a clearly thought out thing and I just write with no regard for how it will sound to the outside world. I really love and value life and am so happy and excited by every new day, but definitely a darker side can sometimes come out when I’m writing songs. That’s the beauty of writing songs and of playing music for me – it’s not a rational thought-out thing and you can surprise yourself with what comes out when your whole conscious and unconscious mind gets involved. Anyway I’m rambling as It’s an interesting question (thank you). But yes, I’m very happy and spend my days laughing and smiling and enjoying so much. And then write dark songs… 🙂 oh well!

Q. What did you have for breakfast today?
Holly, NYC
Dido replies: This morning I had some berries and yoghurt. But that was because I was feeling healthy. Usually I have a big bowl of cereal and fruit. I could actually eat breakfast for every meal. Definitely the best meal of the day.