Dido answers your questions

A little while ago, we asked you to send your questions in for Dido. Thanks to everyone who did – and thanks to Dido for emailing through her first bunch of answers. More answers coming soon. If you have an original and interesting question you’d like answered, ping it through to [email protected] Thanks.

Hey Dido, I wanted to know what’s your favorite song from the new album?
Noel Jones
Dido replies: That changes every day and is the same with the other records. At the moment, though, I still love listening to it as a whole piece. I spent a while choosing the order of the 11 songs I picked (from a big bunch) and meant it to be a bit of a journey and so I’m still just putting it on at the beginning and going with it. Songs change for me as time goes on. That’s one of the things I love about writing – how a song can change its meaning for me over the years even though I was being specific at the time.

What was the last concert you went to?
Dan from Massachusetts
Dido replies: The last thing I saw was Laura Marling doing an acoustic show in London recently. Really enjoyed it.

You wish someday see the Earth from the perspective of that astronaut of the album cover? Why you choose it?
Alexandre, Brazil
Dido replies: I would definitely love to see the earth from space if I got the chance one day. To see pictures of the earth from space reminds me how spectacularly beautiful the planet is, especially when it’s in contrast to the darkness in space. And how together we all are on the planet. How everything and everyone I know and love is somewhere on the picture. I dream about floating up there and imagining the sounds, silence, sunsets, the speed of the earth spinning, sunrises, the cold, the depth of the stars. Everything! I chose the cover as the picture is one I have loved for a long time. It shows an astronaut (Bruce McCandless) trying out the first manned manoeuvre unit and he is basically the first man to go out there without cords attached as far as I can tell! (Obviously I’m not the expert). What an adventure.