“Why does Safe Trip Home have less electronic bits?”

Hi folks. Here are some more of Dido’s answers to the questions you’ve been sending to [email protected] (keep ’em coming!).

Hi Dido. Do you like dogs? What’s your favourite breed? And have you got any pets?
Macarena de la Argentina.
Dido replies: Yes I do. I love them and would love to have them if I stop travelling for long enough! I’d have a golden retriever or a labrador.

Hello Dido. When I listen to your first 2 albums, there are a lot electronic bits in it. I always loved that. But with the Safe Trip Home album, you have left those electronic bits out. Or at least, a lot less than normally. What made you decide to change the style of the 3rd album? Or did it just go that way?
Keep making great music!

Daniel Heijl, From the Netherlands
Dido replies: I intentionally didn’t use any electronics on the 3rd album. It was a challenge that started as a small thought and then turned into a big theme of the record. We had a lot of fun creating sounds from all manner of instruments (bells, wind instruments, strings, brass, pots, pans, cans, sandpaper, anything).  This was instead of using anything pre-programmed. It was a great learning experience for me and also made me a much better musician pretty quickly! It’s also making me really appreciate the joy of electronics again on this new album I’m making. It’s good to take a break and now I’m celebrating my electronic roots again. 🙂

Hi Dido, The internet is telling me that your first two albums are pop music, and Safe Trip Home is folk. Do you think they got it right? How do you describe your music?
Dido replies: I leave the descriptions to other people!