“To whom do you dedicate your success?”

To whom do you dedicate your success?
Mia, Philippines
Dido replies: There’s a few people but one of the main ones is my brother Rollo. He brings a lot of joy into what I do. To be able to work so happily together has made this an amazing experience from the beginning for me. A combination of being so much fun working together and also the fact that when he criticises me (which older brothers do) it just spurs me on to write an even more beautiful song if I can. Sometimes I feel like his brain has all the parts mine is missing. We’re working together at the moment on the next album and I’m loving every minute.

What is your favourite board game?
From Kevin Tan, 16 (Malaysia)
Dido replies: Scrabble. All my friends hate it apart from one. So no one will play with me. I miss it.

How many songs do you have on your iPod?
Georgia, York UK.
Dido replies: 14,336.