“Which track means the most to you?”

Here are some more of Dido’s answers to the questions you’ve been sending to [email protected]

I watched that Northern Skies live video in your website and you were playing guitar on it (I think it was the same one you played at the “live at the Brixton Academy” dvd). I loved the sound of the instrument (it’s absolutely beautiful) and I’d like to know what kind of guitar was that, because I’m thinking of buying one for me.
Dido replies: It’s a Gibson J200. I absolutely love it. It’s quite a big guitar but I just get lost in it and I write tons on it.

I’m curious about which track of yours is the most personal, or which track means the most to you?
Thomy from Hungary
Dido replies: Probably grafton street.

When writing songs at what time of the day are you most creative?
Emerson Smith
Dido replies: First thing in the morning or after a bottle of wine.

What do you feel and think when you hear other people singing your songs? Do they add anything different to the meaning of the original song?
Rob S
Dido replies: I love it. I get to hear the song in a whole new light. Here’s an example – a YouTube video of a guy with a beautiful voice doing a really lovely rendition of ‘Closer’. This made me so happy to hear. Enjoy!