“What do you feel when you are onstage?”

Here are some more answers from Dido to the questions you’ve been sending to [email protected]

What made you work with Jon Brion? What record(s) made you aware of just how great the man is?
Tom of UpandRunningRecording
Dido replies: I met Jon at Abbey Road one day and the thing that struck me the most was meeting someone who shared my obsession and joy with music and details and stories and sounds and just approaches it with total love and excitement and newness every day. He really is the most wonderful person to work with. He brings out the best in everyone and I definitely feel like he did with me. Truly inspiring and a great great experience.
Probably one of my favourite Jon records is the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack. But there’s so much of what he does that I absolutely love. The Fiona Apple records too. What about you?

I love the black nails and the high-heeled ankle boots in your new video. Are they Louboutins?
George (21), Vienna, Austria
Dido replies: Yes they are! Well spotted. 🙂

What are your favorite shows on the TV?
Igor Ramos, from Portugal
Dido replies: The Shield, The Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet Under. All brilliant!

I would like know, what do you feel when you are onstage?
Florencia, Uruguay
Dido replies: There’s so many things I can feel on stage. Before I go on stage I am always nervous. I can’t help it. Then once I open my mouth and start singing/playing I feel calm. And when I see how lucky I am with how great the audience always is, I just get a huge rush of warmth and peace and excitement. I’m doing what I love and just love every minute. I love playing live for the accidents that happen, the sounds and dynamics that are created between the players that will never happen again, just because of the circumstance, the room, the audience, everything. Every night feels different and every night is different!