Girl Who Got Away (04 March, 2013)

In addition to the tracks shown below, the Deluxe edition of Girl Who Got Away includes these extra songs:
12. Let Us Move On Ft. Kendrick Lamar (Jeff Bhasker Version)
13. All I See (ft Pete Miser)
14. Just Say Yes
15. Let’s Run Away
16. Everything To Lose (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
17. Lost


  1. Disc 1
  2. 1. No Freedom
  3. 2. Girl Who Got Away
  4. 3. Let Us Move On Ft. Kendrick Lamar
  5. 4. Blackbird
  6. 5. End Of Night
  7. 6. Sitting On The Roof Of The World
  8. 7. Love To Blame
  9. 8. Go Dreaming
  10. 9. Happy New Year
  11. 10. Loveless Hearts
  12. 11. Day Before We Went To War

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