“Most of the time I’m in a room with no windows when I write”

Hello Dido, did you have a good Christmas?
Hi there, happy new year to everyone! I had a great Christmas with my family. Very relaxing. A lot of snow, a lot of cake. All good.

You said in the last interview that you’ve been working in the countryside – do you think the surroundings of a studio can have an impact on the sounds you make in it?
Well there’s a few sound effects that I could maybe do without. A lot of birds and cows and low flying air force planes… I’m not sure whether it has an effect or not. So much of what I write and produce is so internal that often it doesn’t matter where I am. Most of the time I’m in a room with no windows when I write anyway. I do find it inspiring to go for an amazing walk in the country every morning though before we start work though. Makes me feel really lucky to be alive.

When you’re writing new songs, do you listen back to your first three albums for inspiration?
Not very often. I do listen to them for fun occasionally, sometimes when I’m driving as they all bring back such amazing memories. Each record was borne out of such a specific era of my life, it’s great to take myself back there.

What do you tend to eat and/or drink during an average day’s recording?
Cereal. It’s easy and quick and if I’m really focused on something I don’t want to bother cooking anything. I could eat breakfast for every meal quite happily.

Who makes the best tea, you or Rollo?
Definitely me. 🙂 I think he might even agree.

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