More of your questions answered

Here are some more of Dido’s answers to the questions which you’ve been emailing to [email protected] (keep ’em coming!).

Hola Dido!! When I listen for the first time your song, Look No Further, remind me the old films with Humphry Bogart or Audrey Hepburn. Did you do it on purpose?
Miri From Spain
Dido replies: It was a bit of an accident of how the strings came out on the day. A combination of microphones, the brilliant Jon Brion arrangement and the way they were playing. Not intentional but yes, I hear it too! I love that about it.

What is your favorite brand and kind of chocolate?
Lots of Love,
Dido replies: Twix, or Green and Blacks mint (but kept in the freezer), or a Cadbury’s whole nut.

Why did not you clean your shoes after leaving the beach?
Dido replies: Because my mum told me not to.