Dido answers more of your questions

Here are Dido’s latest answers to questions which you folks have emailed in to [email protected]

Hi, Dido! I must say I was a bit inspired seeing you play the recorder on Grafton Street! And now I want to learn to play it myself :)! What kind of recorder was that? I saw it was wooden, and you were assembling it, it had like 3 parts, right?
Dido replies: It was a treble recorder. The best one to start on is that or a descant (which is smaller). Good luck!

Now we know you are interested in politics, so what do you think of the U.S. election? And who do you think will win?
Dido replies: I think the result concerns all of us in our daily lives, across the whole world. I wish we all got a chance to vote. I really do. If I could vote I would vote for Barack Obama without any doubt.

Dido will you marry me?
Chris Austin
Dido replies: 🙂 Not in this life time but thanks for asking.