A catch-up with Dido, part 1

With Dido back in the studio recording her fourth album, we gave her a shout to find out how she’s doing.

Hello Dido, how are you?
Very well thank you. This is my favourite time of year. I’ve just got in from a fantastic walk in the countryside where I’m working. There is truly nothing better than walking in cold sunshine listening to music, so I feel great.

What have you been up to over the last few months?
I’ve been working on a new record. The last few months has been spent mostly at home just writing and recording away on my own in the kitchen – still the place I get the most done!

How is the new material coming along?
Great. I’m really enjoying what I’ve been doing. I’ve been embracing my electronic roots again which is even more enjoyable than ever before after all I’ve been learning in the last few years. Loving Logic 9 too.

How does the new stuff compare to the Safe Trip Home songs?
You’ll have to wait and see! I’ll fill you in more as time goes on, but it’s a whole new world.

Are you still playing a lot of the instruments?
So far, I’m playing all of them. But hopefully we’ll get some professionals in soon! I’m working with Rollo at the moment and he’s great at inspiring me to play everything. He doesn’t really give me a choice.

Look out for part 2 of our interview soon