“Are you starting your world tour this summer?”

Do you like to bike?
Charles Marchetti
Dido replies: Yes I love it. Until I fall off. On tour I would take a bike with me on the bus and then go for a cycle when we landed in a city. It was a great way to see things in the short amount of time I’d have to do so!

In your videos, you have such a sense of style. Do you have a stylist, and if not where do you get your fashion inspiration?
Gina Y.
Dido replies: I do have a stylist and she’s great. She’s called Andrea Lieberman and she makes clothes a lot of fun. I’m not big on shopping so this helps a lot!

Are you starting your world tour this summer?
Darshil Shah from Sydney
Dido replies: I’m not going to tour until next year now actually. I’m having so much fun being in the studio and making another record that I don’t want to stop for the minute. I’m sure I will be touring again when the next record is finished.

If you could collaborate with any current artist, who would it be? And Do You watch The X Factor? If yes, did you enjoy Diana’s performance of White Flag?
Tom, England
Dido replies: Sigur Ros would be my choice this week! And no, I’ve never watched X Factor. Was it good?