“Are you more of a beach bum or city break girl?”

Here are Dido’s latest replies to the questions you’ve been sending to [email protected]

Hello Dido. When you’re planning a holiday, are you more of a beach bum or city break girl? And is there any place you’ve never been to that you’d love to visit? Thanks!
Liz, Gloucester
Dido replies: I love both. It depends how tired I am. I can stare at the ocean for a pretty long time though and love not having to get dressed. But I also love nothing more than walking everywhere round a city for a few days. I’d love to go to India, Chile, Poland, St Petersburg, Alaska.

What would be your most preferred music instrument for song writing?
Tanisha, India
Dido replies: Probably guitar as it feels so natural to sing and play at the same time.

What other languages do you speak or want to learn?
David Mercado
Dido replies: Very bad French and trying to learn Spanish